short movie - drama

A tale about the friendship between two guys that transcends time. Lorenzo is a dreamer who yearns to leave his hometown to learn about the world; Riccardo is the miller's son and wants to carry on the family tradition. Lorenzo leaves the village just after high school, promising Riccardo to return from time to time to visit him. The short describes their reunions, the narration of their experiences over the years, albeit a veil of disturbing ambiguity becomes increasingly present.


screenplay + director + editor Michele Bucci
cinematographer + camera operator + color + editor
Riccardo Casiccia
gaffer + sound
Luigi Segre
set design
Michela Mantegazza
Giulia Amadei
Michele Gregori Alessandro Pandin Dario Leone Carlo Decio William Moreschi Antonio Russo Domizio Cattaneo

Margine Poster