In Bangladesh, women, with no possibility of official paid employment, tragically marginalized in employment and disadvantaged in economic and social terms, in a regime of physical and psychological isolation, with incredible stories of abuse and violence, constitute the majority of the poor.
The women of rural villages, which have always been isolated, produce valuable handicrafts to resell, but the distance from the cities and the lack of economic resources, such as not to allow them to undertake any autonomous productive activity, make it inevitable to resort to credit managed by local usurers.
The phenomenon is so widespread and socially accepted that not even those who suffer it realize how oppressive their conditions are: being indebted to the merchant who supplies them with the raw materials, they must resell the finished product at the price he sets which exceeds very little the cost of the material

director + cinematographer + camera operator
 Riccardo Casiccia
 Ludovica De Feo
Marianna Schivardi
project idea
Rossana Vittani

Textyle project by students of NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti:
Giusy Ficcadenti, Léticia Waldow, Margherita Squadrito, Marta Cutello

music by
Rossella Cosentino, Marco Berti, Giulio Capurso